Lincoln County Garden Club price rollback - SALE

~YOU can help the homeless ~

Happy FaceDear show you how serious I am about finding good homes for my adorable ladies and gents....I am going to offer a price ROLLBACK, just like Walmart does.

The Garden Club figurines are NOW ONLY $27.50 EACH.  How come, you ask???  Well, things are pretty crowded in the Crunkleton household.  I am a "pack rat" and there are LCGC folks all over the place.

In  my my attic... a few in boxes on shelves....some wrapped in bubble wrap....some without any cover at all.  No air conditioning in the summer, no heat in the winter.  Get the picture???

I love these adorable seniors and so will you.  They will never experience their goal in life....packed away in my garage.

The reason I created the Lincoln County Garden figurines was for you to love and add humor to your lives and homes.

Each Lincoln County Garden Club figurine is now only $27.50.

So, if you can provide a loving home...have  just a wee bit of space.... and can afford the new price...please consider enlarging your family.  Think of it as an investment in smiles galore...the're fun to collect!
(Truely, It would mean a lot to me to know they are serving their purpose.)

and remember Thanks for Crunkle-lecting!

Marge Crunkleton

Note: not to be confused with Crumpleton's, Crunkelton's, Krunkleton's... and so on... Thanks!
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