FYI:  The photo showing Jewel, Club 11 has a gold earring on each ear...but if you notice your figurine of Jewel has only ONE ear ring.  Want to know why?

Jewel, you know is a jewel-a-holic from way back.  She put a pair of gold stud earrings on layaway 3 years ago...paying 1.50 a month for 36 months.

Well, she finally got them out and wore them to the photo session we had for the Crunkleton Collector Book...''the shoot'' was up in Raleigh ....and we would make the trip on Grey Dog Lines.

Jewel looked so pretty... prim and proper ( actually all the ladies looked great).... That is until someone noticed how attractive the bus driver was... then all "beep" broke the ladies stampeeded onto the a mad rush, to get the seat behind the bus driver.  You guessed it... Jewel got the seat, but lost her earring in the in the scrapple.  This reporter, tried to get a victory statement from Jewel...but all she would give me was a bigggggg grinnnnnn.  Nuff said.

Note:  There is a sign posted in the bus depot saying "Lost Earring"...please return for tasteful reward.

Note: not to be confused with Crumpleton's, Crunkelton's, Krunkleton's... and so on... Thanks!
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