If you're concerned your order may not be delivered in time for that "Special Date"... take advantage of our personalized "Crunkle-Call":

Call 1.704.483.5815 or Email Us and Marge will do this personal, fun thing we call  "Crunkle-Call":

We'll contact your party... pretending to be the figurine you're sending, saying:

"Sorry, I may be a tad late, I missed my gosh darn airline connection. You see, the cutest young man was patting me down at the metal detector... and I got so excited, I passed out... by the time he had recesitated me, my flight had left. I hope you will understand anyway... put a pot of decaf on, and I'll see ya soon."

Note: Crunkle-Calls may vary, but are sure to entertain, especially since all Crunkle-Lectors are on the same ZANEY WAVELENGTH.

                 Please include the following information:
1. Name of person gift figurine is for.
2. Phone or email of that person.
3. Date & approximate time to call.
4. Name of gift figurine purchased.

Thanks for Crunkle-Lecting!

Note: not to be confused with Crumpleton's, Crunkelton's, Krunkleton's... and so on... Thanks!
PHONE/FAX 1.704.367.7854

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